"One generation plants the tree, another gets the shade"


Gina Kramer, MFT

Therapy for Children, Adolescents and Adults

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In my work with individuals, I believe that the relationship they form with their therapist is the foundation for healing. My goal is to provide a warm, interactive, and nonjudgmental approach to guide my clients through a process of self-discovery, as well as support them in taking positive steps towards fulfilling their personal goals. I use an integrative approach to therapy combining Cognitive-Behavioral, Mindfulness, and Relational based techniques. These holistic methods encourage clients to heal old wounds, find new ways to express themselves, and cope with the challenges that brought them to therapy. I have found that often simply talking with a therapist can lighten the client’s load, make them feel less alone, and decrease the symptoms that cause them pain.


I believe that children and adolescents can greatly benefit from having a safe place to express feelings that may otherwise be held inside and cause difficulties in their everyday life. Unresolved feelings can affect attitudes and relationships in all areas of a child or adolescent’s life, and can ultimately affect their relationships in adulthood if not addressed early. Giving a child a safe, non-judgmental space from which to explore their identities can help them express feelings that may be the root cause of destructive behaviors and/or relational issues in their lives. 

I use a combination of play, art and sand tray therapy to provide children and adolescents a safe place from which they can explore their inner experience and learn how to successfully understand, express, and cope with their emotions. Therapeutic play includes, but is not limited to, activities such as drawing/painting, sand tray, using puppets, books, and dramatic or fantasy activities. Play therapists believe that this method allows the child to manipulate the world on a smaller scale, something that cannot be done easily in the child's everyday life. Play therapy can be amazingly helpful for children and adolescents dealing with a wide range of issues.

In my work with children and adolescents, I believe that a team approach crucial for success. I work collaboratively with the parents/caregivers/teachers through weekly “check-ins” and periodic collateral sessions to discuss how skills learned in session can be integrated into the home or school environment. When applicable, I encourage the child/adolescent to share their feelings with the parent/caregiver to improve their relationship and feel empowered that they can be an agent for change in their lives.

The following is an informational video about how and why play therapy works. Enjoy!


Families need support too, especially when faced with increased stress, divorce, and other life changes that leave family members feeling isolated and lonely.  Family therapy is a wonderful way to encourage effective communication, relationship building, and conflict resolution skills.  My goal in working with the family as a whole unit is to allow each individual’s needs to be heard, understood, and honored within the family system. I use different modalities to help the family through this process and help extend the lessons learned in session to the home, where the family can work together to sustain the positive changes.


All parents need support!  Some parents receive support from their spouse, family, religious institution, or neighbors and friends. Others might feel isolated as parents and want reassurance that they are doing what is best for their child. All stages of parenthood have their own challenges and rewards! For example, it can be common for new mothers to be surprised by how hard it can be to adjust to their new lives. Just getting out of the house and meeting people after having a baby can be difficult! Adjustment to the changes in a child’s developmental stages, new behavioral challenges and/or changes within one’s life can cause a great deal of turmoil. Getting support is so helpful! I provide parents with the insights, education, and encouragement needed to address these transitional challenges, helping them to rediscover their confidence so that they can continue to be wonderful parents to their children.


Training and supporting the next generation of therapists is a passion of mine. I so enjoy watching Associate Marriage & Family Therapists discover the beauty and layers of becoming a clinician. I use my education and expertise in a variety of modalities to offer both group and individual supervision within the community as well as within my Private Practice. It is my goal to enhance supervisees confidence and skills, to provide support and competence as well as to ensure that services are ethical and in compliance with treatment standards. 


Teaching and inspiring others to help children, adolescence and families is one of the foundations within my clinical journey. I enjoy developing and presenting trainings on a variety of topics to a wide range of organizations within our community. I am particularly enthusiastic about developing trainings on play therapy and how to work with families/dyads. I have also developed curriculum for a variety of therapeutic groups, with diverse ages and needs.